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I’ve had a lot of new folks contacting me about rescue dogs lately.

Yay! If you have just adopted a dog and are having questions, please email us at hello@petscrave.love and we are happy to set up a consult for you. These can be done online. We try and help as many of you as possible.

Here’s my quick advice to those of you who have just added a new dog to your family.

Two weeks. You need to give your dog at least two weeks to give you a “baseline.” This is the time where we take note of all of the weird things happening. Perhaps they pee on your bed. Maybe they start barking uncontrollably out the window. Maybe they are scared of your significant other.

Two weeks. You give your new dog two weeks to settle in before you start identifying issues. Take really good notes and video.

Why? Because we need this information to figure out if this is normal, or if this is just something we need to help you fix. The more information you have to give us, the better we can help you.


What can you do to make this new transition for your dog easier? Here are some quick thoughts.

Your first two weeks is your informational gathering stage and it will help you if you need to bring in a professional or if you just want to address where you are two weeks from now.

Routine is really important. Don’t expect your new dog to get on board with your schedule. Instead, take so many potty breaks your flip-flops need new soles. Establish feeding times that work well for you. 9-5 guy? Awesome, start feeding regular times. I personally don’t feed my dogs until we, the humans, have eaten. Takes some anxiety out of mealtime. Your mileage may vary.

Watch out with toys. Just supervise and take notes. Does he shred stuff? Does he eat it? Does he play and leave it alone? Be very careful and deliberate about new toys and observe. Remember, this is your first two weeks together.

No free for all. I have so many stories about new dogs left loose to make their own decisions. Please don’t do this. Dogs want to be right, but we can’t expect them to make good decisions without proper training or boundaries. If you have a Wiley one, make time to be there or hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter to step in and help.

Ask for records, ALL THE RECORDS. Vet records, former home information, foster home notes, get them all. The more we have the better picture we can help develop.

If you’re on day three and going “holy heck, what have I done” please reach out to your former foster homes, or your rescue or shelter. They should support you but just remember two weeks. Give them two weeks, that’s our baseline. It’s an upheaval for them and also for you, but gather all that information and then come up with a plan.

We are taking consults through the end of 2018, please email us at hello@petscrave.love for help.

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