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This weekend I took a quick flight up to Fort Worth to see my dear friend, Prisca who I met through the Holistic Healing for Cats and Dogs FB Group for a girls weekend and what else… dog talk! After my rescue dog received a cancer diagnosis followed by surgery complications I knew I had so much more to learn beyond just dog training and behavior, I dove head first in wellness, nutrition and alternative thoughts on not only treatment but more specifically, prevention.

While I don’t live the most holistic lifestyle, my dogs do, as much as I can. Clean filtered water, fresh foods, careful vaccination, fewer chemicals around the house, no more treatments on the lawn and we’ve drastically cut back on pest control in our home as well. With all that said, you could do everything in your power to try and prevent a cancer diagnosis, but we all know how that turns out. One in three dogs receives a cancer diagnosis.

This weekend I was really lucky to see Dr. Judy Morgan speak. She and her husband Hugh are on a tour, and since they were so close to my friend, it was a great time to see her. The lecture was about four hours long, and I left feeling great about the choices I am making for my dogs and also the support I give to our PCL clients and fans out there.

I believe that there are terrific treatments and medicine on both sides of the spectrum, both Western and Eastern medicine. I can’t say I stand on one side or the other, but I prefer to straddle the line and work with both.
Unfortunately, we live in a Heartworm “hotbed” as Dr. Morgan called it. I have seen dogs die from heartworm and even she said prevention should not be skipped if you live in an area like ours (Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the hot south). She did have some interesting thoughts on different brands.
One takeaway from both her and my Integrative vet here in Austin is simple is best. Whatever brand you are giving your dog you may wish to find one that is just a heartworm preventative, not heartworm plus two, three, four, sometimes seven other/extra preventatives in there.
I also can’t stress enough how important it is to a) be an advocate for your dog and b) to find a veterinarian that you can have a stable working relationship together.
Being an advocate for your dog means doing your research, taking notice of changes in your dog’s behavior, health, eating, pooping, even sleeping habits. You live with your dog, so you will be the best one to recognize when something is not “normal.”
Finding a vet that works well for you and your animals is also so important. I have so much respect for our veterinarians, and I love that we can have discussions about my dogs and their health, they are always willing to answer questions, and they go above and beyond for us. If you don’t feel like you and your veterinarian are a great fit, I can promise you there is one out there who is just right for you!
It was a real privilege to see Dr. Judy Morgan speak in person, and also to meet her! I won the prize for “Longest Distance Travelled” to attend her talk… I won’t hide that I am a bit competitive! Prisca also won the brand new book Dr. Morgan just published. You know what they say, “birds of a feather flock together.” My prize was this adorable photo frame that Judy and her husband Hugh picked up while adventuring outside of Dallas on their quick stop over.

If you get the chance to participate in one of her speaking engagements, GO!

Each day I’m thankful for all of our wonderful clients and their dogs who trust us and give me the opportunity to keep growing and learning!

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